IS there really any difference?

Is one sod farm better than another?

Like most everything, corners can be cut when it comes to growing sod.  Less fertilizer can be applied, weeds, ants and other pests can be ignored.  Irrigation costs can be avoided.  Lower quality seed varieties can be planted.

Cutting these corners shifts the burden to the homeowner, but saves the farm money in the short term.

We've been offering top quality sod to the Baton Rouge area since 2006.  We truly believe that our continued success is due our persistant effort to grow the best sod, period.

Our sod is not always perfect, but please ask anyone in the industry, "Who has the best sod in Baton Rouge?" and we're confident that the answer will be Quality Sod.

Not All Grass Are the Same!

Just taking a quick drive down the block can show you a wide variety of grass types and qualities. Some lawns may have thick, lush, and dark green grass, making them the perfect outdoor carpet for a beautiful home.

Still, others have thin, sparse sod with lots of weeds and varying colors of green.

Attributes of Quality Soil

Purchasing anything less than Grade A sod can give you the risk of getting poorer-quality grass and more weed plants. At worst, you will have to live with unsightly, quick-growing weeds.

Be sure to look out for the following when assessing the quality of sod:

  • Healthy and Disease-Free
  • Properly Fertilized and Ready For Installation
  • Has Mature Grass
  • No Weeds, Worms, or Ants
  • Consistent Soil That Isn't Falling Apart
    Little to No Waste

Sod Farms Vary in Quality

Producing quality sod requires the knowledge, expertise, and resources to cultivate healthy sod and get rid of unwanted pests. That is why we recommend turning to reliable product providers for your grass needs.

Check the Base Soil

Sod comes with a base of soil that is not always perfectly consistent. Soils can vary with moisture content at any given time. The amount and variety of minerals and composites can also affect the quality of soil.

A firm base of soil makes for much easier grass installation. You see, it acts as a temporary base before the grass is transplanted onto your lawn.

Irrigation Systems?

Farms that do not have irrigation systems struggle to provide healthy grass sod. This is because the establishments have to schedule fertilization around rain predictions.

During droughts, they may even struggle to keep their adolescent grass alive, much less healthy and consistent.

No Cutting Corners

Farms that claim to have the absolute cheapest grass on the market usually reach this goal by using substandard seeds. They may also be using less or no fertilizers, pest controls, as well as substandard weed control.

However, it is also important to note that high prices do not automatically reflect high quality. 

Convenient and Dependable Service

Turn to a sod company that ensures good, open, and direct communication throughout the transaction. We recommend our clients trust those who go beyond what is expected in terms of the quality of the products and customer service.

Always check for the following:

  • Dependable Delivery and/or Installation
  • Helpful Personnel
  • Easy Purchase and Installation Process

Client Testimonials

“Your grass is so much better than the other guys'. You've got all my future business!”

—Josh Rivet,

Residential Builder

“That's the best-looking centipede grass that I've seen in a very long time.”

D. Toney

Residential Project Manager

“My dad is a horticulturist, and the first thing he said was, "Wow, that's some beautiful sod!"

Phillip Brown

New Homeowner

“This St. Augustine blows away the St. Augustine I bought. Can I get some more Saturday?”

Johnny Brown


“I've been building houses since 1947 and this is the best sod that I've ever seen, and your service was great!”

Malcolm Caillier


“If I would have realized that it was going to look this good, I would have had the entire yard sodded.”

M. Stone

New Homeowner

“We were able to use every piece of sod from all eight pallets. No waste! You are my supplier now.”

B. Cutrer


“It's great that we can call you and get the exact quantity that we need when we need it!”

C. Randall

Project Manager

“Quality Sod just makes it easy to do business.”

J. Shriever

Business Owner/Builder

“I know I'm going to get consistent quality, delivery when I need it, that's why I order from Quality Sod.”

T. Bonnett


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