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Founded in 2006, Quality Sod offers fresh grass at the best possible price. We have been serving landscapers, contractors, and DIY garden enthusiasts for more than 17 years, ensuring exceptional service.

What We Do

Our business provides healthy grass that is free from weeds and pests.  Our goal is to help you to have a beautiful lawn as instantly, painlessly, and as cost effective as possible.

Order Delivery

We offer convenient and timely product delivery. This service is priced at $99 for addresses within and near Baton Rouge, and slightly more for longer deliveries. Rest assured, we will drop off orders as close to your work area as possible for a better, less strenious experience.

All of our trucks are equipped with their own forklift which means less work for installation.  Our forklifts are approximately 7.9' wide and approximately 8' tall.

Store Pick-Up

You can also opt to pick up your order from our farm outlet, which is conveniently located at 7106 Antioch Road in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

While the weight of grass depends on the amount of moisture on a given day, a typical pallet of grass weighs about a ton. We advise you to keep this in mind when deciding between order pick-up and delivery.

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Business Hours

We have a live person ready to answer your questions or take your order Monday-Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm.  Call or text 225-610-4842

In order to ensure top quality Freshness,  most of our sod is cut when you order.  Our pickup location is ready to serve you most mornings Tuesday thru Friday.  Please call in advance to reserve your sod!

Call or Text us anytime at 225-610-4842!

Customer Commitment

We are committed to making the sod purchasing process easy for every client. Our goal is to help you enjoy your lawn as quickly, as painless, and as cost effective as possible.

When to place your order

In our warm climate, large quantities of grass simply can not sit on pallets for any lenght of time. That is why we recommend giving our team a heads-up before placing orders for multiple pallets.

Our ideal timeframe is between 1 to 3 days, but we understand that often projects are often time-sensitive so we will make every effort to meet your timeline.

Measure Your Space

We advise measuring the area you want to cover with sod before placing your order. Check out our page on Selection and Measuring for help!

For reference, a pallet of our grass sod covers approximately 450 square feet.

When to plant


This season is typically the best time to transplant most plants. Warm-weather grasses, however, often go dormant during this season in order to protect themselves. That is why transplanting them while they sleep can be less stressful for you and the grass.

Watering effort is also greatly reduced in Winter.  Usually the only watering needed is upon the initial installation.  Winter rains and the dormant nature of the sod means less time and effort on your part.


Plants wake up and so do we!  This is a great time to evaluate your current lawn for any sod issues and determine if you have any areas that may need replacing.

March can be a tough month for sod as it just waking up.  Upon waking, grass sends most of it's nutrients to the top of the plant to refresh it's green growth.  This often results in a weakened root system.

This weakened system may be noticed in sod that is harvested while it is wakening.  Sometimes waiting another week or two for the sod to fully wake is ideal. 

We also realize that life is usually not ideal, so we will work with you to meet your deadline, no matter the month!


With rising temperatures, and especially if there is still rain, grass is likely to grow at a much faster rate. This is thanks to the perfect growth conditions that summer brings: heat, light and moisture. After a winter and spring where our lawns required less mowing, mid summer is a time where lawns may need to be mowed more often, potentially once or twice a week. At the end of summer, as growth slows less mowing will be required.


When those temps finally fall, it's nice for us and the grass.  

Fall is a great time to sod as it's easier on the installers and the sod.  Watering is still needed after installation but typically not as much as the Summer months.

Sod normally begins to go dormant in November, but this is strictly a temperature based variable.  If the sod roots in before going dormant, that's great.  If we get an early rush of Winter, the sod may go dormant early.  If this happens (and temps stay low for long enough), the sod will simply lay there waiting to root in come Spring.  Either way, it all works.


Service Locations

Our primary focus is on the Greater Baton Rouge area, but we are open to attempt to serve your needs wherever your site may be.  Give us a quick call!

  • Baton Rouge
  • Ascension
  • Livingston
  • St. Francisville
  • Paulina
  • New Roads

If you are outside our service area, reach out to us so we can discuss your needs!

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